Key wine regions

Sometimes 'in a nutshell' just isn't enough to give you all of the information. Here we have chosen some of the key wine rich regions and have gone into a little bit more depth.


The only appellation where the names of the wine agrees with the grape varietal, and they are 100% of the variety named on the bottle.

The bottles are all fluted and the villages where the wines are bottled are not named . There is only one blend of grapes allowed and that is Edelzwicker. All the others are single grape varietals.

Wine The Facts: Edelzwicker - The different varietals can be blended from the same parcel of land and does not have to specify the composition percentage. Originally called "Zwicker" mean... Read more.


The rolling hills of Beaujolais remind me of South Derbyshire, how the hills gently blend from one to the next combining the villages as they go. The red grapes are all Gamay, some in the Cru classes are delightful. Some of the village wines are fantastic value for money.

Beaujolais has pulled itself back up to the quality wine producer it used to be!... Read more.


Where to start and how to finish with this one is the big question...... Read more.


To travel through Burgundy is like walking through a wine list, all the famous names are at your fingertips. All those wines you ever wanted to taste are outstretched in front of you as far as the eye can see.

What you will also get is a warm and friendly greeting. We have always been well looked after in Burgundy, even before our wine buying days some 30 years ago. The wines, as we know are outstanding, but the food has also to be noted. It is not by coincidence that some of the best Chefs in France also hail from here.[(-|... Read more.


The beauty and heritage of Champagne is truly awesome!

The wine centres of Epernay and Reims are a magnet for all wine lovers, and to spend a day and evening there to take in the history and culture one could be lost for hours just walking and soaking up the atmosphere... especially the Cathedrals.

The other towns and villages are picturesque and each one has its own character, we stayed recently in the town of Aÿ, the centre is so pretty and the streets tiny and narrow. Hardly seems possible that a wine industry could ... Read more.

Languedoc Roussillon

The Languedoc-Roussillon is famous for many things: beautiful Roman villages, the Pyrenees, stunning scenery and last but by no means least wine. When it comes to its reputation for wine though the Languedoc-Roussillon still has a lot to do to gain the recognition for quality that it really deserves.  As one wine writer summed up in an article he wrote on the region “What the Languedoc-Roussillon lacks in prestige it makes up for in aspiration.”... Read more.


Situated in the heart of France the Loire Valley is probably best known for its magnificent châteaux, troglodyte caves and wonderful wines. Where wines are concerned it is probably France's most diverse wine region since it has wines available in every colour and every style. Whether it be crisp dry whites, rich aromatic whites, sweet whites, off-dry rosés, fruity reds, earthy reds or delicious sparkling wines... there is something for every occasion.

WINE THE FACTS: As a testament to all that the region contributes t... Read more.


If you love all things regional when it comes to food and wine then Piedmont lying in the north west of Italy is definitely a region that you need to bookmark. It is a region of stunning scenic beauty, wonderfully fresh ingredients simply prepared and stylishly served and the wines are some of Italy’s most prolific and best rated Barolo, Barbaresco, to name just a couple.

The regions pedigree is apparent in the 58 DOC and DOCG zones and although only the sixth largest wine producing region in terms of volume it has the highest p... Read more.


This is probably the most difficult region to write about due to the total contrast of wines. In the North we have some of the world's longest lived wines, red wines with structures of immense strength and density and white wines of aromatic perfection.

The Southern Rhône, has a totally different structure, climate, soil type and grape vatrietals. The wines are more ample in fruit, softer in tannins and more approachable, both in mouth feel and pocket. The big name that people remember is Châteauneuf du Pape, as great ... Read more.


Without any doubt wine is an integral part of both Spanish culture and cuisine and the region of La Rioja has most definitely had a significant part to play in this .The region's winemaking history stretches back to Roman times. Production flourished between 200 B.C and the sixth century A.D as evidenced by amphorae and other wine related artefacts uncovered by archaeological excavations. It slowed during the Moorish occupation, but then things started picking up nicely again from the 16th Century onwards. Then in the late 19th Century it e... Read more.


Mention Tuscany or Toscana as it is known in Italy and for many it conjures up the romantic visions of endless rolling hills, cypress-lined country roads hilltops villages and field after field full of vines. Even when you take this all away though and judge the region on its wine alone it has a great deal to be proud of its reputation having being founded on such iconic wines as Chianti, Brunello di Montalcino, and Vino Nobilo di Montepulciano.

 Situated in central Italy Tuscan wine has a rich and diverse history, its origins ca... Read more.

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