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Measure twice, cut once. Right first time...

Judd has now clocked up a quarter of a century with the Hattersley team in one guise or another, you can only imagine how many different wines she has tasted and encouraged you to taste up to this point! And so many more yet to find on trips across the globe. Always one to expand her horizons, Judd is well-travelled, exploring wine-rich regions... Australia, New Zealand, Spain, France and Bakewell, to name but a few.

We know Judd for her vast wine knowledge gleaned from thorough tasting during her excursions, her personable nature and her ability to keep team Hattersley and in order.

In our opinion one of Judd's best traits is her attention to detail and knowledge of how to do things right first time. If anyone wants help in the team they look to Judd, she is meticulous in her approach and efficient in all she does. So if you need anything marketing, accounts, website or business related - ask for Judd!

What Judd's drinking...

'Choosing just one wine is so tricky, as we are always tempted with shiny new wines, and I have so many favourites, depending on occasion. But often it comes down the stories behind the wines and of course the people. Having spent time in my favourite country Spain and more specifically Rioja, it was obvious that I was going to choose this fantastic white from our great friends at Ontañón. New classification rules make the provenance of the wine of upmost importance and this Mi Lugar Blanco, Vino de Quel is a perfect expression of this unique special land, showing the long heritage and quality to be found here. High altitude for slow ripening giving maximum flavour, the vines grow alongside picturesque olive, almond and fruit trees. Intense aromas of stone fruit and gentle herbs before a surprisingly bright palate of apricot and passionfruit with underlying tones of brioche and almond across the long finish. An essential luxury in my book.'

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