If this pocket-rocket can't help you then no one can...

Emma Grigor-Taylor

Like the rest of the team Emma is no stranger to either side of the bar.  Whether that be from being born into the industry at the Lathkil Hotel in Over Haddon (spookily also Johns birth place!), to her 10 yearsí experience in the brewery trade or from well letís be honest her enjoyment of a good night out!

Alongside a love of wine Emma brings experience in beer and spirit sales from her 7 years at Everards Brewery then more recently 3 years at Adnams Brewery and Distillery, adding another string to the finely tuned Hattersley Bow!

While we have found she has difficulty in the warehouse with those higher shelves, she comes into her own making people feel at ease and building relationships, that and making a great G&T!

Thankfully her bold statement aged three to give up Champagne didnít come hold true, so you will be sure to see her at tasting events with a glass in hand!

What Emma is Drinking...

Cline Cellars Lodi Zinfandel
Classic Zinfandel from Lodi

Cline Cellars Lodi Zinfandel

USA, Sonoma County
Single bottle

"Slightly fickle, my wine of choice can change with the wind (or every new wine buying expedition) but one I always come back to because it is just down right lovely is the Cline Cellars Lodi Zinfandel.

Ripe, aromatic fruit with fresh, zingy acidity to bootÖfor me this wine always hits the spot. Fab with food, beautifully easy on its own and great wine to introduce newbies to a wonderful region.