Life through Rosť tinted glasses...

Diane Hattersley

To quote the Eurhythmics, "behind every great man, there had to be a great woman" and in this case this is certianly true. Diane was integral to the start-up and smooth running of the wine-bar and also the management of John on many an occassion.

Do not mess, although she may look pretty and can often be found wearing multiple pairs of glasses she is smart and nothing gets past her, especially where the financials are concerned.

Diane has a love for everything wine (in moderation may I add) and probably the pioneer of the legendary 'fizzy friday'. Her latest project has been trying to get herself sacked so she can retire with a glass of rosť in hand, we wish her well on this quest, but we are not willing to let her go just yet!

What Diane's drinking...

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"This is always a difficult decision but not this time. It had to be Lallier Blanc de Blanc Champagne!

Lallier attended our big annual tasting last November and then very generously entertained all our family in May for John's Big Birthday! The day started off with a tour of the cellar, lunch and ended in the evening in the Ch‚eau with a Champagne dinner starting with the memorable Blanc de Blanc magnum.

It is light and delicious with a depth of flavour that only pure Chardonnay grapes can give, what more sparkle could an occassion need. And it has to be said... things do taste better in magnums (a well backed theory!)".