Poderi Colla, Alba

Beppe Colla

Greeted on arrival by Tino Colla and his son Pietro there was something of a warm family feel about the winery. Simplicity and tradition were words that sprung to mind. Once we discovered more about the family’s 25 hectare estate though we realised that actually over the years generations of the Colla Family have made significant contributions to the history of wine making in Piemonte. It has for example the oldest Pinot Noir vines in the region dating back to 1970. The first multi varietal blend was also created here back in 1969 when Dolcetto from the Bricco del Drago vineyard was blended with 15% nebbiolo


The star of the family though has to be Beppe Colla. Born in 1930 is regarded as the definitive authority on the Langhe appellations, one of the founding fathers of the Alba DOCs in the 1960s and is reputed as knowing every vine and every vineyard around Alba! Quite a set of credentials.

Beppe’s daughter Federica decided to follow in her father’s footsteps after graduation in Wine & Liquor management at University. His “baby brother” (19 years his junior) Ernesto (“Tino”) Colla also built up a reputation in his own right After completing the his studies at the prestigious Alba School of Oenology, he debuted in Burgundy then returned to persue a brilliant wine making career in his native Piemonte

In 1993 Frederica and Tino joined forces and Poderi Colla was born (literally translating as the Colla Farms)

The company is made up of three very distinctive properties:

Pietro Colla

Cascine Drago based in Alba in the heart of the Langhe appellation this estate has a total of 25 hectares, 12 of which are under vine, on the hill named Bricco del Drago 7km from Alba.

The vineyards here form a stunning natural backdrop which houses the Poderi Colla offices the winemaking and ageing cellars and Degiacomi Museum where we were lucky enough to spend an afternoon wine tasting. The museum is a real gem and was created by the estates previous owner Dr Luciano Deiacomi a man who was passionate about preserving local history, traditions and customs. Quite simply a farming museum it is a fascinating place displaying all sorts of equipment that at some time or another were used in the vineyard the cellar and in day to day country life and makes you realise how hard the farmworkers have had to work over the years.

Tenuta Roncaglia property which takes its name from the historic Barbaresco Cru of Roncaglie is made up of 13 hectares, 8 of which are under vine in one of Barbaresco’s most beautiful and scenic areas.

Tenuta Dardi Le Rose is situated in the municipal district of Monforte d’Alba and covers a total of 6 hectares under which are grown Nebbiolo. The property is named after the Dardi di Bussia sub area, which has for many years been acknowledged as one of the finest of Barolo Crus.

Try the wine:

Barolo Bussia, Dardi Le Rose

Dolcetto d'Alba, Pian Balbo

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