Val de Gilly

St. Tropez picture the scene...

Buzzing with the rich and famous, the bay full of super yachts, the town exploding with sports cars, restaurants and nightclubs. Visiting the long St. Tropez beach with its abundance of restaurants you will notice that the Champagne flows and the Rosé glistens!

Those in the know are lucky enough to realise it doesn’t stop there… around the bay is the beautiful Port Grimaud, a French marina built by the talented architect Francois Spoerry. Leading onto to the bustling café society that is St. Maxime.

Looking up into the hills from Port Grimaud you will see the medieval town of ‘Old Grimaud’, just a short 5km behind the marina. It’s here where we were lucky enough to be introduced to stunning vineyard that is Val de Gilly. Having travelled down some windy roads and narrow lanes, and not knowing what you will find around the corner, you arrive at this gem of a place. The entrance drive is edged with Oleanda trees giving a splash of colour leading you up to the vineyard.

Owned by the Castellan family and now run by Daniel and Nadine Castellan, the fifth generation, it comes across as a quiet sleepy place but do not be fooled. You will find the height of activity happening here, with the vineyard producing red, white and rosé wine.

Rosé down here is in great demand, and what you may not realise is that Daniel and Nadine supply many of the local restaurants and the ‘beautiful people of St. Tropez’! We were first introduced to Daniel and Nadine 12 years ago, and have brought Val de Gilly ever since. Back in 2006 we approached Val de Gilly from a business stance, and now are happy to be their only UK importer and retailer! Since then it has gone from strength to strength and built up a strong reputation and following locally. As soon as the sun comes out, the rose flows…  

About the rosé...

The ‘Marion’ which is their prestige rosé is made from Grenache, Cinsault and Mourvedre, a smooth rosé gris with an expressive bouquet full of red fruit flavours and citrus fruit flavours on the finish. A fine classic rosé from provence. It makes the perfect aperitif as well as being a great accompaniment to summer alfresco style lunches and dinners also ideal with seafood and salads.

Then there is ‘La Vie en R….’ It has the same grape varietals as the Marion, delicate pink in colour the palate is balanced and refreshing, with delicious and persistent fruit flavours.

The locals have a great way of drinking these roses in the sun it is called a ‘piscine de rose’ it’s a large glass with rose and ice, perfect on a hot day! Enjoy.

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