The most widely planted grape variety in Bordeaux, it is felt by many that the best of the Merlots hail from the vineyards of Saint Emilion and Pomerol on Bordeaux’s Right Bank. Here the variety is able to withstand the moist clay rich soils at its best producing rich opulent wines with succulent fruitcake like flavours. It is a variety however whose presence in vineyards the world over has increased significantly over the last decade and a half.

Chief Characteristics

Soft rich and more accessible to the palate then certain other grape varietals like Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot tends to have something of an immediate drinking appeal and it is probably for this reason why it is one of the most popular wines to be served by the glass in pubs and restaurants. The most aromas and flavours typically found in Merlot include; currant black cherry and plum, caramel, clove bay leaf and peppercorn. Lightly oaked Merlots; vanilla, coconut. Heavily oaked; oak smoke toast. Bottle aged; truffle, mushroom, coffee, leather and cedar.

Key Regions

Merlot is now grown in virtually all wine growing countries of the world and is proving particularly successful in Chile, Northern Italy and California.

Wine The Facts:

  • Following the US release of the film Sideways in October 2004 Merlot sales dropped by 2% a similar trend in occurring in wine outlets followings its UK release. Just goes to show how easily influenced people can be!
  • The good news, we have fallen back in love with Merlot and sales are now much healthier!

A Grape Representation:

Mas Bahourat Merlot

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