All about wine

Let us guide you through key wine countries, regions and the 18 noble grape varieties...


In a nutshell we have put together some bits of information about the key wine growing countries; covering the main wine regions, the main grape varietals and 'grape representations' to try. Read and enjoy, some of it may even make you chuckle!... Read more.


We all know what wine we like when we drink it, but chosing a new wine can be scary. In this section we have covered the key things you need to know about the 18 different noble grapes and touched on some regional differences. This should help you when choosing that next bottle. ... Read more.

Key Wine Regions

Sometimes 'in a nutshell' just isn't enough to give you all of the information. Here we have chosen some of the key wine rich regions and have gone into a little bit more depth.... Read more.

Meet The Maker

Whenever we have the chance to visit wineries and spend time with the winemakers we work with, we always come away feeling what a privilege it has been. Not only do the winemakers give us a unique and very personal insight into their work and the history of their wineries, but we also get to uncover the things that make one region so different from another. And the benefit of all this? It makes us realise from a consumer perspective how much more there is to discover and experience when it comes to the wonderfully fascinating world of regional ... Read more.

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