The ‘El Niño’ Effect

The ‘El Niño’ Effect Image

In the Spring/Summer of 2016, the harvests in Argentina and particularly Mendoza were defined by the weather pattern we have all heard of - El Niño...

Normally a dry, arid sun-drenched region, it experienced 400% more rainfall than normal and a generally cooler spring, but what does this mean for you Malbec fans out there?

Let's start with the bad news. Losses of up to 50% of the normal harvest, damp weather forcing a need for more than usual crop spraying to counter-act mildew, makes for more expense so obviously hiking up the prices of Malbec. But don't worry, it's not all gloom and doom.

On the plus side the wines produced, although from lower yields, are of a higher quality. The growing conditions have led to a fresher style of wine, lower in alcohol and with lovely fresh acidity both in red and white wines. The winemakers could see the problems coming and chose to put their efforts into their better quality vines, so expectations are high. The climate may have influenced the harvest and style of some of the wines emerging from this vintage but thanks to the skills of the wine-makers this effect can only be seen as positive and is certainly shaping up to be a vintage to remember.

To understand a little more about Argentina 'in a nutshell' why not have a look at our 'All about wine section' and Argentina. Lots of great information presented in a light hearted easy to read format.


Last Updated: 22/03/2017
Author: Sarah Hattersley
Sarah Hattersley

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