Weekly Treats - wine at silly prices (but you can only have 2 bottles)!

Weekly Treats - wine at silly prices (but you can only have 2 bottles)! Image

Award winning wines to celebrate our People's Choice Wine Award nomination!

This week's pair of treats include a elegantly unoaked, classic Macon that is a sure fire hit, as well as an award-winning Malbec from an undiscovered region of Argentina with an unmissable saving! 

We want to continue to say thank you for all the support we have been given over the last year the best way we know how...by offering incredible wines at honest prices with some amazing weekly treat wines thrown in! We aren't trying to move stock with these wines, we haven't inflated any prices to give a discount, we genuinely aren't making any money on these wines... hence why we are only letting you take TWO BOTTLES MAXIMUM

Kaiken Aventura Malbec

An award-winning Malbec of unbelievable finesse from the unexplored Canota Valley near Mendoza.

This wine has an alluring character of precise red and black cherry fruit, lifted by fresh acidity with fine-grained, velvety tannins.

Kaikenes are wild geese, native to Patagonia, that fly across the Andes between Chile and Argentina. In the same way, Montes, the Chilean winery, crossed the Andes to set up in Mendoza. Their vineyards are situated in the heart of Mendoza and further to the south in Valle de Uco, where many of the premium producers are now sourcing their fruit. The focus is primarily on Malbec and Cabernet Sauvignon, a variety that has been somewhat forgotten as Malbec has surfed one wave of success after another in the past decade. As a result, there are many old vineyards in Mendoza that produce excellent fruit. Kaiken's own vineyards supply 70% of their production requirements and 30% is from vineyards that they control.

The Kaiken Aventura range celebrates Kaiken's ongoing exploration of new sub-regions and their regional differences within Mendoza. Located 22 miles from Mendoza city and surrounded by the Andean foothills, the Canota Valley was classified as a GI in 2019 (a 'Geographical Indication' signifys an area of particular quality). Although Kaiken planted vineyards in 2015, it is still largely unexplored with only a few producers operating in the Valley.

In 2021 the Aventura won a Silver Medal at the Decanter World Wine Awards........more

A Malbec this good deserves the best, so treat yourself with a beautifully cooked Rib-Eye Steak 

Normally £23 - WEEKLY TREAT OFFER - £18.50


Mâcon-Villages Réserve Personnelle

Unoaked and elegant, showcasing the classic characteristics of good quality Macon. 

This wine is typically southern Burgundian Chardonnay; pure green apple fruit is framed in appealing acidity. Flavours are upfront and full with a hint of hazelnut on the mid palate. This wine shows elegance, finesse and style.

The Reserve Personnelle is a special blend made from wines sourced from 3 different vineyard locations around the Village. The must is cooled to ensure a slow fermentation in stainless steel which allows the development of rich, smooth flavours. Malo-lactic fermentation is partially blocked in one of the component parts in order to retain a level of acidity needed to create balance in the overall blend. The blend is aged for two months prior to bottling to allow for full integration of the elements to create a harmonious whole. This type of blending process produces a hand-crafted, personalised wine that can offer greater complexity and finesse than if working with just one element, hence the name Reserve Përsonnelle signed by winemaker Samantha Bailey.........more

This classic is great with grilled or baked fish, herbaceous mediterranean vegetables or this super simple Chicken wrapped in Parma ham.

Normally £15.50 - WEEKLY TREAT OFFER - £11.99


To order either click through on the bottles, give us a call or come and visit us in the shop.

We hope you enjoy this week's pairings, let us know how you get on and feel free to tag us on social media showcasing your efforts!

Last Updated: 23/01/2024
Author: Rupert Broadley

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