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Seeking inspiration for your next pizza night? Look no further...

Wine with pizza is a match made in heaven, and whether you're eating a mid-week delivery or firing up your own pizza oven, there are a multitude of wines that will compliment your meal.  

The joy of having pizza is that it's nice and relaxed - its an easy win, so you there's no need to reach for the top shelf and pick something super fancy. While fuller-bodied whites and even Champagne can be delicious with the right pizza, in general you're looking for a red wine. Whilst the toppings can steer you in different directions, the main components  of a good traditional pizza, cheese and tomato, require some basics to ensure the perfect pairing. To contrast the fat in the melted cheese and to complement the acidity of the tomatoes, you want a wine with medium to high acidity, juicy bright fruit and preferably one with medium to low tannins. 

By no means an exhaustive list, the following wines are some of our top picks to ensure pizza night success! 

I Muri Primitivo:

“Brimming with wonderful aromas of red berry fruit. Full-bodied with firm tannins, deep and rich with well-balanced with lots of ripe fruit flavours thatt carry through to a flavour filled finish. The vineyards are mostly situated in the communes of Manduria and Sava, where winemaker Filippo Baccalaro ensures only the best quality grapes are selected. ”

£12.50 a bottle.

Perfect with mushroom & pancetta toppings. 


Torre del Falasco Corvina:

“Bright and fresh on the nose, perfumed with juicy red cherries. Youthful with a soft, approachable structure that is given depth by the partial drying process. This is a well balanced wine with lovely bitter cherry notes on the finish. Valpantena, known as 'valley of God', is highly regarded for producing high quality red wines, due partly to the soils but also because of the cool breeze that blows down the valley from the foothills of the Dolomites. ”

£10.50 a bottle.

Perfect with roast pepper toppings (or the dreaded Hawaiian).


El Ninot de Paper Tinto

“A bright a fruity Spanish red with aromas of ripe black fruits and a hint of spice. The palate is lovely and juicy with blackberry and plum fruit balanced by soft tannins, fresh acidity and a touch of pepper. The blend is an equal split of Garnacha, Syrah and Monastrell with the later being aged for 4 months in oak. The winemakers aim to meet the highest possible quality standards whilst maintaining their Spanish character and originality.”

£7.99 a bottle.

Perfect with barbecue toppings.


Uggiano Governo Toscano:

“Made from predominantly Sangiovese grapes this is a ripe and supple red made in the traditional Tuscan 'Governo' method, where partially dried grapes are added during fermentation to enhance concentration and body in the finished wine. Youthful aromas of ripe plum and cherry with spicy bramble fruit dance on the nose. The palate is full and generous with bold red berry fruit backed by fresh acidity and supple tannins. Approachable and rounded with a mellow, gently spicy finish.”

£12.50 a bottle.

Perfect with sausage or pepperoni toppings.


Alpha Box & Dice 'Enigma' Barbera:

“Made by the passionate and slightly bonkers trio of Dylan and Justin Fairweather and winemaker Sam Berketa, this is a wine with no regional, varietal or stylistic boundaries, just great wine from great fruit. With the colour of arterial blood, the nose reveals wild berries, rhubarb and custard. The palate is dense, concentrated and brooding, opening to a rich mid-palate with cherry stone fruit, bitter plum and a lovely long finish.”

£20.99 a bottle.

Perfect with prosciutto toppings.



Last Updated: 21/02/2023
Author: Rupert Broadley

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