Weekly Treats - wine at silly prices (but you can only have 2 bottles)

Weekly Treats  - wine at silly prices (but you can only have 2 bottles) Image

Some phenomenal, family favourites!

This week we have some firm family favourites for you. A classic Séguret, made great by it's unique vineyards and attention to detail in the winery, as well as a refined, easy-drinking Pecorino that will make you google the next flights to Italy. This week's food pairings couldn't be more perfect with a rustic, winter warmer and a light, easy fish dish but if in doubt both of these wines drink beautifully on their own.

We want to continue to say thank you for all the support we have been given over the last year the best way we know how...by offering incredible wines at honest prices with some amazing weekly treat wines thrown in! We aren't trying to move stock with these wines, we haven't inflated any prices to give a discount, we genuinely aren't making any money on these wines... hence why we are only letting you take TWO BOTTLES MAXIMUM. 



Alasia GaviCaparrone Pecorino

Fresh acidity with floral and stone fruit characters.

The Pecorino grapes are sourced from the district of Caparrone, situated in the hills west of Pescara and recognised as one of the best vineyard zones in Abruzzo.

This is without doubt one of Italy's most interesting and increasingly fashionable grape varieties. Delicately floral, with stone fruit and citrus aromas on the nose, followed by a palate of fresh peach notes, backed by a textural minerality, nutty characters and crisp acidity. It's simple and complex all at the same time...more

The perfect wine to enjoy with olives and tomatoes. We like this Mediterranean griddled sea bass



Séguret, Côtes du Rhône
Bordeaux Private Reserve by Salin

An impressive classic Séguret - as about as good as it gets.

Sourced from 'Les Turcs', a single 7ha east-facing, high altitude vineyard in the hills behind the village of Séguret. Planted with mostly Grenache, intermingled with some Syrah, the vines are a minimum of 50 years old . The high altitude, old vines and very particular terroir make this Séguret quite unique.

Paler ruby than some earlier vintages due to the extreme proportion of Grenache, the nose is however, as explosive, plush and oppulent as always. Layered with exotic spice, cracked black pepper and streaked with vanilla, the palate is instantly appealing, polished and smooth. The lasting impression is satisfying but subtle and fine, not as overpowering as earlier vintages but a better, finer wine...more

Fantastic with juicy meat dishes!  A match made in heaven is this Classic game pie



To order either click through on the bottles, give us a call, visit us in the shop or 'honk for plonk'!


We hope you enjoy this week's pairings, let us know how you get on and feel free to tag us on social media showcasing your efforts!

Last Updated: 08/02/2022
Author: Rupert Broadley

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