WINNING Weekly Treats - wine at silly prices (but you can only have 2 bottles)

WINNING Weekly Treats - wine at silly prices (but you can only have 2 bottles) Image

Celebrate with us with 3 weekly treats!!

Yes this week we are offering you 3 weekly treats to choose from and with very good reason!

We want you to celebrate with us our recent ranking at 2nd place as the UK's top independent wine merchant in the International Wine Challenge.

We can safely says years of blood, sweat, tears...and wine have gone into this and we are so fortunate the business we have created involves you!  We honestly would not be here without the support we get from our loyal customers whether joining us at HQ or online for tastings, honking outside or enjoying a glass or two in the fantastic venues we supply.

So celebrate and take advantage of our fanrtastic offer on

Ferghettina Franciacorta Brut NV

Soft and persistent Italian sparkling with hints of white flowers and hazelnuts. Easy-drinking and approachable. This is Ferghettina's core sparkler, and organic to boot. An exuberant, confident and bright style - lively and very approchable with a citrus fruits - golden apple character which is at the same time both incisive yet quite gentle. The perfect way to celebrate any occassion!

Normally  £21.95

Winning Treat Offer £13.95         Saving £8 – ‘CELEBRATE WITH US'

New in to us and straight out to you with a fab offer to boot! This week we continue to showcase more of the incredible wines we have just taken delivery of. This week's white is a Godello from the Monterrei region, an aromatic and sophisticated crisp white from North Western Spain. The red is Chinon ‘Cuvée de Pâques' from Domaine de la Roche Honneur. A Loire Cabernet Franc from the classic Chinon region, a lighter red wine ideal for warmer seasons.

We want to continue to say thank you for all the support we have been given over the last year the best way we know offering incredible wines at honest prices with some amazing weekly treat wines thrown in! We aren't trying to move stock with these wines, we haven't inflated any prices to give a discount, we genuinely aren't making any money on these wines... hence why we are only letting you take TWO BOTTLES MAXIMUM. 


Godello Pazo de Monterrey, Monterrei, Spain

From the intriguing Monterrei region comes this aromatic and sophisticated crisp white.Godello Pazo de Monterrey

A crisp, aromatic white with a lifted nose of apricot blossom, citrus fruits and a touch of honey. Very fresh acidity and mineral notes balance rich, ripe fruit characters of apple and pear on the palate....more


Paired with Crispy salmon tacos by Jamie Oliver


Normally £12.99

Weekly treat offer only £10.50 a bottle 

Click here to bag your bargain




Chinon Cuvee de Paques ORGANIC

A lighter red wine ideal for warmer seasons.Chinon ‘Cuvée de Pâques’ Dom de la Roc

An unoaked Chinon with youthful, wild-berry fruit, supple, chalky tannins and a refreshing Cabernet Franc tang on the long finish...more


Paired with Summer Lamb Kofta with salad Lamb kofte with salad recipe (


Normally £15.75

Weekly Treat offer only £12.75 a bottle

Click here to bag your bargain





To order, either click through on the bottles, give us a call, visit us in the shop or 'honk for plonk'!

Let us know how you get on and feel free to tag us on social media showcasing your efforts!

Last Updated: 07/07/2021
Author: Sean Driscoll

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