Lockdown Treat Week 2 - wine at silly prices (but you can only have 2 bottles)

Lockdown Treat Week 2 - wine at silly prices (but you can only have 2 bottles) Image

Our second instalment of joy for the weekend with our gift of great food and fantastic wine!

With not a lot going on at the moment and not much on the horizon we have come up with another gift of good food with a fab wine pairing to get you through the weekend... so here is treat number 2!

Continuing on from last week we have selected of couple of wines that are not only award winning but are also vegan.  Around 90% of the wines we list are vegan friendly, if you are unsure either ask one of the team or you can check each wine out on our website where it will list if it is vegetarian, vegan or organiclly produced.

We have paired our wines this week couple of classic, Italian family favourites that are easy to get on the table within an hour and can be made with a vegan twist!

We want to thank you for all your support, so these wines are at a silly low price. We aren't trying to move stock, we haven't inflated any prices to give a discount, we genuinely aren't making any money on these wines... hence why we are only letting you take TWO BOTTLES MAXIMUM. 


Pra Soave 'Otto', Veneto

An absolutely classic! Fresh, flowery with a subtle tropical nose, juicy intensity and a crisp, incisive and mineral finish....more

Award winning, orgainic and vegan! Keep your Veganuary going or simply enjoy a vegan twist on a true Italian dish with, Vegan Pasta Cabonara.  This simple, flavoursome receipe can be on the table in within the hour, giving you time to put your feet up and savour the hard work that Pra have put into creating this fabulous wine!

Vegan Pasta Carbonara Recipe • Veggie Society



Rive Barbera d'Asti. Piedmonte

Classic aromas of black cherries, with chocolate and toasty oak under tones and a touch of spice....more

This incredibly well made classic wine won Silver at the Sommelier Wine Awards, made the Wine Merchants Top 100 and is also Vegan, so why not  treat yourself and pair it this weeked with the BBC Good Foods vegan interpretation of an italian classic, Vegan Margherita Pizza, a family friendly dinner and an adult appealing wine!


Vegan pizza Margherita recipe - BBC Good Food


We hope you enjoy these combinations and let us know how you get on, feel free to tag us on social media showcasing your efforts!



Last Updated: 13/01/2021
Author: Judd Slack

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