Cooling Down & Warming Up

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Autumn is here and the weather is changing and so do our tastes and cravings.

We need warmer clothes, the heating goes on and we eat heartier meals.  In the summer our want for the freshness of a Sauvignon Blanc was justified; our craving for Provence rosé sitting out in the garden and drinking from large glasses topped with ice and that light delicate pink wine, was a match made in heaven.

We are not saying, “thou shall not partake of these wines now”, just that right now, other wines may be more appealing. Sauvignon Blanc has a high acidity level, perfectly suited to refresh, with that zippy liveliness, limey elderflower notes and mineral finish. It still can be ideal for an aperitif but we can alter things slightly. Keep all the fresh and mineral qualities but move away from such high acidity.

Let's look at Picpoul de Pinet, L'Ormarine. This wine is from the coastal region of the very South East corner of France close to Montpellier by the shores of large inland lake called the Bassin de Thau. Here exists a micro-climate, featuring cool evening air ensuring freshness in the grape. The soils are high in limestone giving that mineral finish, and the fruit is blessed by 300 days of blue, unadulterated sunshine-filled skies. Perfect for all fish dishes, shellfish, and chicken, not only one of the most versatile food wines we have but also ideal as an aperitif.

A wine that is back in favour with a lot of our customers, which you should not be afraid to try, is an un-wooded Chardonnay from the New World. It is my opinion the organic wines from the cool Casablanca vineyards in Chile have the most vibrant fruit, the cleanest, freshest Chardonnay I have tasted for a long time. A wine, always on stand-by in my fridge door at home, is the Adobe Organic Chardonnay from Emiliana. Perfect for an evening glass with dinner.

Red wines have much the same criteria, less light and fruity, more depth and complex. When I say complex its not to frighten or sound winey, it is the second dimension if you like. It's that half- way down the bottle moment when the wines take on a different quality, the fruit becomes softer and the tannins melt into the wine giving a more rounded finish. Leaving you with that warming feeling. A wine which fits this bill and is ever  popular with our customers, is our Côtes du Rhône Villages. (Keep your eyes peeled for a fabulous festive offer on this wine coming your way soon and make sure you're signed up to receive our emails for all offers).

A new wine to our stables is a Tuscan favourite from Montepulciano; ‘Il Faggio', this is a real heart warmer. Made by the famed wine maker Matt Thompson. The richness of the dark perfumed fruit with its plum and cherry flavours, with a long chocolate mocha finish is ideal for one of those rich Tuscan stews. 

This time of year, Bordeaux wines come to the fore, with the careful blending of Merlot and Cabernet and skilful ageing in oak, make them an ideal match for that casserole and for a cosy evening. Take a look at our Bordeaux range here or ask us to help you find the perfect one for your Sunday roast.

So many different flavours in wines, both red and white. All made to enjoy, some with food some without. We are all different and enjoy different flavours at different times and days. If you have a dilemma with your choice, please don't hesitate to come and see us. We'll be happy to help.

Last Updated: 14/10/2020
Author: Judd Slack

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