Terroir... Wine that reflects a sense of place

Terroir... Wine that reflects a sense of place Image

is there a better wine to reflect this than 'Dolcetto'?

We often talk about how a wine reflects the sense of place and use that word 'terroir', but it is sometimes difficult to find the right wine to demonstrate this. Dolcetto, formed in the Piemonte hills around Barolo, can be considered to do that exact task. 

Back in the day, Dolcetto was the main grape grown around here but has more recently been over-taken in popularity by Nebbiolo & Barbera, both in terms of grapes grown and wines purchased. With many growers ripping up Dolcetto vines to be replaced by these more lucrative varieties, it is worth bearing in mind that a particular plot may not be as well suited to certain grapes as others, so quality is sometimes compromised. That said, those that continue to produce Dolcetto are doing it for all the right reasons, a love of the land and its traditions and will therefore be continuing to produce Dolcetto with the upmost care giving the best results.

So what is Dolcetto and why should it not be overlooked? It has a certain deep black cherry flavour with an edge of bitterness, wonderful structure, stunning fresh acidity and pure fruit. It should be left alone or at best just a careful amount of oak ageing so as not to overshadow the nature of the wine. It is a great match for warming indulgent winter dishes, traditional Piemonte truffle-adorned pasta or a good plate of salty, fatty Italian cold cuts.

Grape Dolcetto to try... 

    G D Varja Dolcetto d'Alba

G D Vajra Dolcetto d'Alba

Last Updated: 20/02/2020
Author: Judd Slack

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