Adobe and the Mechanics of Organics

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Organic wines have been steadily growing in ‘popularity’ for a good number of years now as the consumer is becoming ever more environmentally savvy.

. There are some fabulous examples out there from all over the world but few are as celebrated as the producers of this wine….

The Adobe Malbec is a fabulous Chilean example of the Malbec grape showing characteristic blackberry notes with soft mocha touches. And making it even more fabulous is its heritage, coming as it does from the organic vineyards of Emiliana – voted winery of the year 2016!

Adobe Reserva MalbecEmiliana are committed to their organic and biodynamic status and not simply so that they can add the organic stamp of approval to their bottles! They have an enduring respect for nature believing what they put into the earth they get out in bucket loads in the shape of true-to-type varietals in the best condition they can – reflected in the quality of the wines.

The name ‘Adobe' is a reflection of their ethics. Adobe is an ancient construction material made from the earth, water and straw which was shaped into a primitive brick shape and dried in the Chilean sun. This is a valuable natural material and to maintain sustainability in every aspect of the winery's development, and as testament to this, Emiliana chose to use these adobe bricks to build the walls of its wine cellar.

More than that, in the vineyard mobile chicken huts are rotated around the vineyards, letting the hens peck away at the insects and pests. These along with other animals, (alpacas, horses, sheep) play an important role in forming part of the eco-structure and of course a supply of organic fertiliser! Native plants are found in rows between vines to encourage natural habitats for insects to promote pollination, special grasses naturally add nitrogen to the soils keeping them fertile and form part of the ecosystem. Their sound practises encompass their work force too, allowing them to profit from sales of olive oil and honey also produced on the vineyards.

And if all this still doesn't convince you how special these producers are then I suggest trying their Malbec, then it will probably all make sense and you will see all their efforts are worthwhile.

For more on ‘Green Wine production' take a look at our blog…..

Last Updated: 12/04/2018
Author: Sarah Hattersley
Sarah Hattersley

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